The Lone Grape Winery

The Lone Grape Winery is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tuscan Wine Village operating a wine tasting room on the premises.  The Lone Grape Winery has been granted federal and state approved wine label for the domestic sale of wines in addition to wholesale of export wines to foreign countries.

Lone Grape - Wine Sales Domestic

The label type illustrated below is a sample of one of the many varietals, labeled and sold at the Lone Grape Winery Tasting room located on the property. This Lone Grape label is bottled and cellared by Tuscan Wine Village LLC. All wines unless specifically ordered otherwise are from grapes and bulk wines from within the Lodi AVA.

Lone Grape - Wholesale International Export Sales

Wines manufactured at the Tuscan Wine Village for Export will be sold under the Lone Grape Label herein below.  This label has been designed specifically for export sales to China and Japan.

Mr. Douglas Wu, is the Director of Sales and Business Development.  Douglas is responsible for developing and overseeing the sales function and new business initiatives of the Tuscan Wine Village and Nouel Riel Wines and marketing in financial and insurance services industry.     Mr. Wu has held several sales positions at companies in U.S. and China.  Douglas is a graduate of San Francisco State University where he obtained his degree in Finance.    He is fluent in Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin).